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Ravish Patwardhan had numerous early experiences in travel.  As a child, he had a position that some consider enviable and some unenviable – he was a 1-year old child travelling with his parents on a merchant marine tanker (with no other kids on board to play with).  The enviable part (to some) may be that he visited over 40 countries, between then and the age of 9.  While the significance of this was questionable at this young age, it apparently was a path he would follow in his later life, whether for work or pleasure, and seek out adventures.

In the scope of travel, whether local, domestic, or international, he would try to consider the character of a place, complete with its attendant qualities of people, food, and way of life.  Consideration of a country in this discussion follows a similar pattern – evaluating the history, present, and future considerations for a place, often as seen from the eyes of the indigenous people and through Patwardhan’s perspective, which often (but not necessarily always) are the same.  Cultural significance to places as near as the next neighborhood in New York or a bayou in New Orleans, or a street corner of New Delhi, all have stories Patwardhan believe have significance.

Ravish Patwardhan agrees with the adage, “the journey is as important to the destination of travel.”  Having journeyed in a bullock cart in an Indian village, on camelback in Jerusalem, auto-rickshaw in a medium-sized Indian town, on motorcycle-taxi in Bangkok, and a boat in between the Maldives islands, the concept of adaptation to the culture remains.

As the adventure of travel sometimes leads to great self-discovery, the travelers simultaneously allow cross-cultural fertilization and create awareness.  Traveling as ambassadors during the journey allows great learning – and as the topics that Patwardhan considers in this discussion involve a “past, present, and future” section specific to that given topic, Patwardhan explores the historical basis of sometimes age-old cultures.

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